A novice's guide to producing his own food


As the titleof this blog suggests, it started off being  about veg, and the experiences of a novice allotment-holder. However, it has grown to cover other areas — bees and honey, a greenhouse located at home, and chickens.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Would appreciate advice on keeping chickens. Thinking about building a coup!!!

    • Hi Harry, I got most of my advice online and through reading! You’ll find plenty of stuff on the Practical Poultry forum. The magazine is a good read too. It often runs articles on coop building. Unfortunately, I didn’t build mine but bought a bespoke one second-hand. My main piece of advice (and I’ve learned this from experience) is make sure your chickens are vaccinated, and buy from a reputable dealer.

      Enjoy your chickens, they’re great fun.

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