A novice's guide to producing his own food

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My very first professionally produced jar of honey

Spent the entire evening jarring up honey, and I’m absolutely shattered so I’ll keep it brief.

Here it is, my first jar of honey suitable for sale to the public. I’ll keep this particular one for posterity, of course, but the rest (20-plus jars) will go on display this weekend at the Dundee Flower and Food Festival, and hopefully I’ll sell a few.

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Video Update No. 1

The start of the onion harvest. Eventually there will be enough for months and months — if they don’t rot first

Time for another overlong video about my allotment (It’s my blog, so I’ll do as I please).  Last year I posted a clip showing it at its peak, and by way of comparison, I decided to repeat the process again.

This year’s was shot just before I started to harvest some of the crops, and as I write this bare patches of earth are starting to appear again as I start digging up potatoes and onions. Soon the growing season will be over — but I have plans for the winter. More details to follow in due course.

In the meantime, sit back, relax and try not to fall asleep …