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My Fourth (And Final) Greenhouse


This one is going nowhere

Greenhouses and me have had a very chequered past.

My first (which was a small plastic jobby with tent guy ropes) blew into the burn at the back of allotment.

The second I bought second-hand already dismantled and I didn’t have the patience to rebuild it. The third was the polycarbonate disaster.

And I have now gone all-out, and spent a lot of cash on a greenhouse which not only looks beautiful, it claims to be one of the strongest you can buy. I’m taking no more chances.

It’s a belter, though, and I really pleased with it, The nice gentlemen from Woodpecker Joinery actually came up from Birmingham to build it. Prior to that I had to construct a concrete base.

The wooden staging (it was free!)

This morning, eleven days after receiving the greenhouse, I saw the first white shoot of an Alderman broad bean starting to peak its dozy little head out of the soil.Practically as soon as it was up, I put it into action. I must’ve planted about 1000 seeds in little pots, including 400 onion sets, 300 broad bean plants, 90 pea plants, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, leeks, chillies, and herbs in the cold frame.

That can only mean one thing: it’s almost time to start putting stuff in the ground. Hooray!

2 thoughts on “My Fourth (And Final) Greenhouse

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the additional cold frames down the side. No wonder you’ve got so many seeds going, who would ever want to leave a greenhouse such as that.

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